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Sometimes a rescue dog comes in with exceptional medical needs that would be beyond the financial means of the local rescue organization. Obviously, that would present quite the dilemma....Well, thanks to an organization called SamUrgency, that situation no longer has to be so challenging.

SamUrgency is a non-profit organization, dedicated to helping rescue Samoyeds in need. When a dog is accepted as a SamUrgency case, a message relating the dog's story, medical needs, and anticipated costs is relayed to a network of concerned Samoyed lovers who have said they want to be notified. Each person chooses if they'd like to doante in that particular case and if so, how much.

The idea is simple: if a lot of people give a little, no one (or no rescue group) has to give a lot. And, in doing so, a deserving rescue dog gets the medical care s/he needs & the chance to go on to that loving forever home.

If you'd like to learn more about SamUrgency, read about some of the dogs they have helped, or become a member, please visit the SamUrgency website.