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Silver Sammies

Silver Sammies are 8-year or older Samoyeds or special-needs Samoyeds of any age who need new homes. Unfortunately, it is true that sometimes our society puts such a high value on youth, they forget about the older guys. In fact, many shelters automatically euthanize the older dogs, and the older dogs are harder to place because the homes for them are harder to come by.

But until you've gotten the chance to spend time with one of these great veterans, and look at the sparkle in their eyes, you don't realize how special they are and that they place their complete trust in us to take care of them. You also don't realize how vibrant, fun-loving, and playful they still are. We know of many Silver Sammies who are still competing in agility, are running on sled teams, are happily playing ball or going for walks with their humans, and in general have a lot of spunk/life and love to give! Many people say that a Samoyed is ALWAYS a puppy - and they are right!

The main question we get or hesitation someone might have about adopting a Silver Sam is a question of health or health-related issues. With a life expectancy of 12-16 years, these dogs on average still have lots of healthy years left. In addition, all dogs are vet-checked before going to their new homes and a responsible rescue group will be quite upfront about any health issues they know about with any particular dog.

We hope you will consider adding one of these special dogs to your family.


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