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So You Think You Want a Samoyed...

Well, of course you do!! Afterall, they are the most beautiful breed of dog in existance! At least we think so, but we admit that we might be a little biased.

Seriously, owning a dog (any dog) is a big responsibility & owning a Samoyed can have its own unique challenges. Before you bring a Samoyed into your home, here is some food for thought

  1. The life expectancy of a Samoyed is roughly 12-16 years, on average. Are you ready to make a commitment for that length of time? A lot can happen during that time -- marriage, divorce, having children, illness, relocating, etc. Are you willing to commit to keeping your dog through any/all of these eventualities?

  2. Owning a dog is expensive. Estimates say it costs an average of $750 per year (possibly more, depending on your location) to properly care for a medium sized dog. That is the average, normal cost -- it doesn't include emergency care or the increased costs of caring for a sick animal. Are you prepared to handle these costs?

  3. Are you an experienced dog owner? Has that experience been with Samoyeds or other similar breeds? If not, what do you know about Sams & what about them attracts you? Please do your homework before you obtain a dog. Not every breed is right for every person, family, or lifestyle.Too many Samoyeds (and other breeds too) end up in shelters or rescue because people fall in love with the idea of these magnificent dogs, but don't know what they are really like. To learn more about Samoyeds, visit the About Samoyeds section.

  4. Are you willing to take the time to train/work with your Samoyed to make him/her a member of your family? This includes (but isn't limited to) housetraining, general manners, basic obedience, etc. Sammies are smart -- they get bored with the rote repetition that some other breeds often thrive on. With Sammies, training needs to stay FUN & it breaks down into 5% teaching the dog what you want of him and 95% giving him/her a reason to *want* to do it. Samoyeds also don't need & usually don't respond well to harsh/punitive training methods. They learn best when treated with respect and when everything is a game/fun. Training a Samoyed requires time, patience, humility, and most of all, a sense of humor. If you don't have or aren't willing to make the necessary time to do this for you & your Samoyed, please don't get a dog at this time. (See our training/behavior section for more information.)

  5. Samoyeds shed. If it's a problem for you to have dog hair on your clothes, your furniture, your carpets, your car, your food, etc. & you aren't willing to vacuum/use a lint brush frequently enough to combat this, then you aren't going to be happy having a Samoyed in your family.

If you've considered all of these things & still feel you are ready for a Samoyed, then welcome to the family! We're glad to have you & invite you to visit the Rescue FAQs or the Adoption Process page to read more about how to adopt a Samoyed from your local rescuer/rescue organization. We do need to tell you, tho, that many people find Samoyeds to be like potato chips -- it's hard to stop with just one! ....Don't say we never warned you!


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